How to Stop Smoking

There is an “Easy Way” to Quit Smoking

cigarettesQuitting any habit is a difficult task, but stopping smoking has to be the most tiresome of all. How many people do you know who have been addicted to nicotine for many years and made multiple failed attempts to quit? If you are a smoker yourself like I was then you have probably attempted to stop so many times that you have lost count.

Whether you are just using willpower, or making use of one of the many stop smoking aids on the market, there is quite a low chance that any particular attempt is going to be successful. Is there anything you can do to ensure that this next time is going to be the one that finally allows you to break free from nicotine? Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any product on the market yet that can ensure your success but there are few things that might increase your chances a little.

My favorite aid that I always recommend to any smoker is the book “Easy Way To Stop Smoking” written by someone called Allen Carr. This is certainly the most detailed look at why we smoke in the first place and if you like to arm yourself with as much information as possible before you start a task then its the right choice for you. It was this book and the “Allen Carr” method that finally allowed me to quit my 20 year habit so its certainly worth a shot over all the other products out there.

You might also want to buy e cigarettes and give them a try. Although this isn’t actually a stop smoking aid it has allowed many people to switch from tobacco, and it does seem to be a much better option. The nicotine replacement therapies might be up your street, but just remember that they are keeping you addicted to the drug which are eventually going to have to ween yourself off if you are to be a success.

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