Financing Your Plastic Surgery Operation

Planning for Plastic Surgery? Know The Price!

plastic-surgery-costPlastic surgery operations are nothing if not expensive; and unfortunately, the costs are not covered by most insurance packages. Hence, unless your eloquence persuades your insurance company to make an exception for you, the only way you can circumvent your tummy tuck cost is to be a former gastric bypass patient.

Some plastic surgery prices have decreased over the years, but this is only true of several procedures. Moreover, costs vary greatly depending on a number of factors. As finances are normally a major determinant when deciding to go through a surgical procedure—especially one that is merely cosmetic in nature—you should first assess your financial situation and see whether it is sensible for you to undergo a tummy tuck operation now.

The typical range for a tummy tuck procedure is $3,000 to $10,000, so there’s quite a bit of variance when it comes to pricing options. Although it may be easier to find an inexperienced surgeon who is willing to do the operation for a low fee, remember that you may be putting your health at risk. A tummy tuck operation can result in fatal complications if not done properly, so finding a reputable and experienced surgeon should be a top priority.

Consult several doctors when canvassing plastic surgery prices and keep in mind that the quoted price may not reflect the total costs you will incur. Other related expenses like consultation fees, facility fees, anaesthesia fees and follow-up procedures will arise later. Hence, ask your doctor for a realistic estimate of total costs so that you won’t be surprised when those extra costs add up later.

If you’ve done the requisite research and still find that you are simply short on funds, delay your plans until your finances stabilize. Otherwise, you can ask your doctor for possible financing options. Some healthcare financing companies allow you to delay payments or take loans, while other clinics accept instalment payments.

Ultimately, however, remember that finances should not be your main consideration. Funding is obviously important, but there’s no reason to compromise quality for cost, especially where your health is involved.

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