Features To Look For In a Travel Pillow

Which Travel Pillow to Choose?

Travel PillowA good quality travel pillow should provide a solid support to the neck and head so that you can rest whilst traveling.  The design should also protect the neck muscles from straining – a common side effect of falling asleep in a vertical seated position.  Once you examine the market, you’ll uncover numerous products, styles and designs on offer – each claiming to be able to improve your travel experience.

A key question to ask yourself as soon as possible in your research is if you are comfortable giving up on a degree of ergonomic support for transportability. Lots of people do.  They ignore the stuffed orthopedic pillow options (e.g. memory foam pillows) and purchase lightweight blow up travel pillows instead.  Then there are the buckwheat and microbead pillows that typically offer more support than inflatables but are lighter than memory form.  They offer a useful middle ground solution.

If you find your self reaching for a classic U- shaped travel pillow the next time you’re in a travel shop, we encourage you to pause for a second and look over some of the newer designs and shapes that have emerged in recent years.   Read some travel pillow reviews and you’ll find information on pillows that are designed to be worn across the torso, others that can be twisted and snapped into different designs and others that focus solely on providing a high level of neck support. Here are three new models that caught our eye.

  • The lightweight inflatable TravelRest is receiving many positive reviews from travelers.  Strap it across your body for a very comfortable sleep.
  • The smooth curves of the memory foam in the Miracle Neck Rest will gently cradle you to sleep. Unlike other memory foam pillows available on the market, it’s small size allows for greater portability.
  • Another day, another pillow. Only the Total Pillow can twist itself into countless different shapes depending on your particular demands. See these total pillow reviews for more details.  It’s great for the traveler who is looking for something extremely customizable.

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