Features of the Best Compact Digital Cameras

The Best Compact Digital Cameras

Compact Digital CamerasCompact digital cameras are improving all the time, making photography easier than ever. Certainly the direction marching towards digital cameras and away from film cameras is booming. What are the features of compact digital cameras that most people like to use?

The megapixel rating is important to understand because it determines the amount of information stored on each photo taken. In essence, it has to do with the image resolution and high megapixel cameras can shoot more detailed pictures. However, most people do not need anything other than a 4×6 camera with 8 megapixels or so.

The lifespan of the battery varies considerably between models of compact digital cameras. Even the worst cameras provide about 50 shots from a battery, but when you consider that the best camera for photography can provide between 400-500 shots, that is a huge difference. It is also a good idea to get a camera that uses AA batteries to save money on power in the long run, as you can use rechargeable batteries instead of little use at a time.

The best compact digital cameras are fast. Each camera must have some time to process an image when the shutter button is pressed. Some do it very quickly but others do not. In fact, some can take up to 4-5 seconds to process a shot, during which you just have to wait until it’s done to be able to take the next shot. This can be very frustrating in fast action sequences. Another problem with the speed can be called shutter lag, or the time it takes for the mechanism of AF at the end and then press the shutter button to start. Some do it in less than a second half; others take a second or more. When you add the extra time to shutter lag and processing of digital images, you can see why the camera that is faster than you is an important characteristic of the best professional camera.

The best cameras also have 5X optical zoom rate flexibility or more, 10X or more zoom flexibility provides greater ability to expand and get a great close-up when needed.

Of course, all these high quality features have a cost, and you can expect to pay more for some of them rather than just the default camera. But if the price is not so much a reflection on the quest, and you want to find the best digital cameras for sale, look for the type of features mentioned above, when you buy.

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