Exercises for Jumping Higher

The Best Exercises to Boost Jumping Prowess

vertical jumpYour vertical is normally measured by the maximum height of your jump coming from a standstill. Hence, it is apparent that in order to enhance your vertical you need to perform exercises which are specifically meant to make you leap higher. This will require a huge amount of hard work and commitment on your end since there exists no miraculous overnight system which can help you boost your vertical. Excellent and efficient exercises for jumping higher which are performed on a daily basis are what can assist you to enhance your overall performance inside the court.

The Ankle Jump/Low Squat Exercise: You need to squat as low as you possibly can while standing on the tips of your toes. Make it certain that both your heels are not touching the ground. Stay in that position and begin hopping up and down – bouncing on your forefeet or midfeet; instead of the heels. Thrust your legs near your chest and make sure to use plenty of force with each jump. You see, the harder that you push, the stronger your muscles will become! Try and concentrate on a consistent rhythm. Continue repeating this routine with brief rest periods in between. Try to increase the amount of repetitions that you do. Try to squat as far down as possible when practicing this exercise since your muscles will get strained more efficiently that way.

Power Skipping: This is basically just skipping rope, but with more effort and speed expended. Begin skipping using one foot from one end of the basketball court to the next. You should keep your knee chest high while you skip. Switch footing and continue alternating up until your legs feel drained. Rest for a brief time and then begin again. It is ideal that you skip rope with a consistent rhythm. Also, push your feet off as hard as you possibly can.

Plyometric workouts are extremely effective routines in maximizing one’s vertical leaping capacity. These workouts are specially designed to enhance your reactive strength. A handful of these exercises are;

Squat Thrust: This is one of the considered most effective plyometric drills for jump development as it increases your capability to jump as well as respond rapidly. To perform this, stand straight with feet shoulder width apart and then squat down low, so your hands can touch the floor on both sides of your feet. Kick both your legs backwards and land in a push up position. Next, drive your legs inward and once in a crouching position, thrust your entire body up into a jump. Jump as high and as powerfully as you can. Repeat this routine for as many times as you can.

Slalom Jumps: Draw a straight line on the ground. Stand on one side of the line and then jump onto the other side with both feet kept together. Try not to touch the line and continuously hop in this manner as fast as you possibly can. You should also do this drill using only one foot. To take full benefit from this exercise, you should make your jumping from side to side as quickly as possible.

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