Examining the Grapefruit Diet

Have You Tried The Grapefruit Diet?

Grapefruit DietIf you have difficulty finding one single type of plan to follow the grapefruit diet, there could be a very easy explanation for that situation.  One reason why you might have trouble nailing down one exact grapefruit diet plan is because some form of a weight loss plan going under the name of “grapefruit diet” has existed since the 1930s.

Now that’s an eating plan that has some staying power!  There are many different forms of the grapefruit diet floating around, ranging from the pure fad diet which isn’t a good long time plan to moderate eating plans which simply add grapefruit as a main staple.  When it comes to healthy foods, the grapefruit enjoys its reputation for a reason.

Most modern forms of the grapefruit diet revolve around meal plans that give a limited number of acceptable foods to be eaten per day, and calories fall around the 1,000 to 1,400 mark with most of them from vegetables, lean meat, and grapefruit.  The grapefruit must be unsweetened and at least half of one should be eaten at every meal.

Whether or not you subscribe to the grapefruit diet or consider it just some annoying fad diet plan, there are many good reasons to make grapefruit a part of your regular diet.  The first is that grapefruit is a healthy fruit that is low in calories, has good volume and high fiber to keep the stomach full.  Second, grapefruit has been shown to have some unique enzymes that helps encourage the body to break down fat.  Third, while this claim is still under a bit of debate, some studies have suggested that grapefruit is harder for the body to break down, forcing you to burn more calories to digest it.

Whatever your thoughts on any of the many diets that fall under the basic category of a grapefruit diet, adding a few more slices to your every day meals certainly won’t hurt the weight loss process.

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