Everything You Need to Grow Hydroponic Weed

Equipment For Growing Hydroponic Weed

Marijuana Seeds

weedFirst up, you’re gonna need some good seeds. This is where you should spend some decent money. If you buy cheap seeds you will get cheap weed ‘no matter how you grow it. You can also clone your plants so that you need only buy that variety once. The THC level of the weed you grow cannot be increased, it’s down to the seeds you start with so spend some cash!

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Why do I recommend buying from Sensi Seeds?

  • They are mail-order only which means their prices are lower
  • They deliver worldwide
  • They use plain packaging and a different company name shows up on your credit card bill
  • They have never let me down
  • Their seeds are fresh from Amsterdam

Growing Medium

There are many things that you can use, but by far the easiest and most effective is Grodan Rockwool. RockWool absorbs all the nutrients and water whilst holding an amazing amount of air. Getting air to the roots is very important for strong vigourous growth.

rock wool

Hydroponic Nutrients

There are many types of expensive hydroponic nutrients for growing weed but at the end of the day they aren’t that nessessary. Weed is a weed! It doesn’t actually require many nutrients to grow, so don’t be fooled into spending a lot of cash on them. Making sure the nutrient solution is changed often and kept at the optimum Ph level is more important. There’ll be more abou that later. This is just a brief overview of equipment that you will need!




Lighting is important. basically, the more light you get to your plants, the bigger and faster they will grow and the more weed they will produce! This is another area that is worth investing some money in because the lighting will have a direct effect on the amount of light produced. A HPS light is essential. See more about my lighting recommendations.

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