Essential Backpacking Gear

Backpacking Gear You Need to Take With You

backpacking gearThere are things that you need to absolutely have in your backpack when going on a backpacking trip and since we don’t want you missing out on the essentials and risking the comfort of your trip here is the list of the essential that you must have.

First and foremost have a map of the area you are going backpacking in. Yeah, we know you can always Google the map using your smart phone but we advise you not to take a risk and rely on the good old area map so there is absolutely no chance of you getting lost.
Keep a compass because it is in fact one of the essentials and you need to have it in your
backpack. Buy one that is sturdy and easy to use.

Ensure that you keep a head lamp or a flash light, or if you have the space both of them along with spare batteries. Don’t skip on them even if you are going for a simple day trip because you never know when you might end up needing them.

Another thing that you need to have as a part of your backpacking gear is extra food. According to experienced backpackers it is always a good idea to keep food for a whole extra day because when you are on a backpacking trip you can’t estimate perfectly the amount of food that will be required and extra food always comes in handy.

Ensure that you keep extra clothing: if it rains you need to have an extra pair of clothes so don’t leave them out of your backpacking gear.

Also keep your sunglasses with you for a sunny day. Again one thing that you definitely must have in your backpack is the first aid kit so that you are fully equipped for emergencies. Also keep lots of water, Swiss army knife and definitely water proof matches in case you have to build a fire.

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