Elegant and Elaborate Chandeliers

Nothing Beats The Charm of Chandeliers

chandelierThose with a love for old world charm and style are quickly won over by elaborate and elegant chandeliers that are reminiscent of an era of grandeur and opulence. Today, a number of antique chandeliers have been reproduced or refurbished, which means that modern decorators can now use elegant chandeliers in their home and introduce a sophisticated style.

When looking to find reproductions or refurbished chandeliers, a buyer can visit auction houses or websites, however these are pricy. Such chandeliers are the perfect lighting fixture choices for dining rooms or formal lounges and once installed, the home decorator will find that the elaborate chandeliers bring class and style to the room and can be used as a central decorating theme.

Reproduced Chandeliers

These chandeliers are not original vintage chandeliers and copies of original chandeliers, therefore are less expensive than the original vintage types.  Modern manufacturers use modern materials and recreate a chandelier which for all intents and purposes appears to be the same as the original antique.  More than being less pricy, the reproduced chandeliers are made for the modern home and are focused on energy saving, and are easy to install.  The copied chandeliers can also be found as mini chandeliers and these are scaled down versions of the original which are just as elegant and tasteful but smaller in size thus allowing them to work well in a modern, smaller setting.

Antique Chandeliers

These are the original chandeliers which adorned the homes or ballrooms of yesteryear.  Although these are considered to be rare finds, a buyer can stumble on a great deal on the antique or vintage chandeliers.  Usually these elaborate lighting fixtures are ornate and they are a lot larger than the modern or smaller chandeliers and as may be unsuited for a small room.   Since the chandelier can be used in virtually all rooms, creative decorators are finding ways to bring an outdated chandelier to life.

Both the reproduced as well as the antique chandeliers will give any room designer appeal and without a doubt the elegance of a chandelier will transform a room from drab to fab.

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