Electronic Dog Collars

Train Your Dog With an Electronic Dog Collar

electronic dog collarElectronic dog collars have really  started to become popular over the last few years. Some dog owners don’t like them but you can’t argue with the fact that electronic dog collars really are a quick and effective way of training your dog to obey your commands.


Different Types of Electronic Dog Collar

The first type of electronic dog collar and probably the most popular is the shock collar. This kind of collar will deliver a static electric shock whenever your dog starts to bark. It’s a static electric shock so it’s not painfull but it is enough to stop your dog barking.

Some of the best electronic dog training collars can also be controlled via remote control which mean they are great for training your dog the difference bewtween right and wrong. There are various different types availble which include different features. If you do want  to use one of these electronic dog training collars make sure you get one which has a variable control which means you can control the strength of the electric shock.

It’s best to find out what other dog owners think before purchasing. There are lot of electronic dog collar reviews on Amazon.com which can give you much more information on the different models available.

The other common type of dog training collar are spray collars. These kinds of  electronic dog training collars release a spray when your dog starts to bark. The spray is just enough to interupt your dogs behavior pattern and hopefully stop your dog from barking.

Dog owners tend to feel that dog spray collars are much more humane because there is no electic shock involved. Other dog owners don’t think they are as effective as electronic shock collars. Opinions will vary so you should really look at your own dog and think whether a spray would stop them from barking. For a timid dog it probably would but for an aggressive dog it may not be effective.

Go to the Amazon.com to read the electronic dog collar reviews written by real dog owners that have actually bought the products.

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