Effortless Gardens and Cold Winters!

Build Your Own Greenhouse!

greenhouse plantsI have always admired people who have a fantastic looking garden, effortlessly (seemingly) producing plants that are in the right place at the right time, year after year. It is not just me as the profusion of gardening programes on UK TV will testify. My mother-in-law has a garden that is just great. A burst of colour from April through to November and green and healthy and … well just stunning. I will never make a garden like that but I can grow vegetables in whatever space I have.

For the last few years we have used containers dotted around the garden and yard and grown mainly salad crops. It has work very well within the tight season provided by the British summer but has not been suitable for a wide variety of crops like tomatoes and peppers. These seem to germinate okay and grow but there is not enough heat to bring the fruit on. So this year I am building a greenhouse. It is modelled on the lean to greenhouses that were once common in working gardens. It is to fulfil the same function provided fresh produce in and out of the normal growing seasons. I think it will be a learning experience and may not produce much this year but next…

A lot of damage was sustained by the plants we have in our garden last winter. The cold was untypical, both in its severity and duration and even my mother-in-law lost some of her favourite plants and trees. We were in a difficult position as we have no central heating in the house. Luckily we bought the best wood burning stoves we could when we moved in and we kept them going day and night. The downside to this was that we used two months worth of chopped wood in a little over three weeks and eventually had to buy coal in. Next year we are looking to fit some central heating, just in case it is as severe again. I think I’ll need to extend it out to the greenhouse if it is!

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