Eczema Natural Remedies

Treat Your Eczema Naturally

eczemaEczema natural remedies are often the last resort of desperate parents out there.  Since 50% of children under the age of three suffer with at least on outbreak of eczema, more and more parents are turning away from unaffordable prescriptions with unknown long term effects and looking for something better for their child.  They can find that with natural remedies.

It is important to note that before you start any course of treatment, you need to confirm your diagnosis.  Eczema can look like many other disorders, so be sure to look at some pictures of eczema to see what it looks like.  Especially take a look at pictures of eczema on face, because that can be tricky to diagnose.

Once you know for sure that you or your child have eczema, your next step is to treat the immediate symptoms.  Here’s a quick run through of how to naturally treat several forms of eczema.

  • For dry, itchy skin, try using coconut oil to moisturize it.  This contains no artificial preservatives or any other additives.  The oil is very effective at penetrating multiple layers of skin to provide maximum hydration.  It is a solid, so you may need to warm it between your hands to make it spreadable.
  • For red, inflamed skin, try spearmint.  Take spearmint leaves and crush them to make a paste. Apply this to the affected area to relieve redness and swelling.  You can combine this with coconut oil to make application easier and more effective.
  • For itching, use papaya seeds.  Crush these and apply them to the affected area for instant itch relief.
  • For broken skin, use direct sunlight.  Sunlight is very effective at killing at range of bacteria, so it can help prevent infection.

Above all, you wan to try to prevent future outbreaks by avoiding allergens.  These usually include detergents and soaps, but sometimes foods can cause an eczema outbreak.

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