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Migraine Relief

migraineAs per International Headache Society,  more than 50 kinds of headaches have been identified and classified.  Migraine is one particular form of headache for which the confining factor is not well understood for migraine.  But this is sure, migraine is a severe issue for those who are impacted by this syndrome.  Good news is there are several options which can be easily tried at home for problems of migraine.  Let us check few of them.

1. Relaxation Technique
You can also try deep belly breathing two to three times a day.  Just lie down and observe your belly moving as per the breathing.  When you inhale the abdomen will go up and when you exhale the abdomen will go down.  Just keep observing this movement.  You will soon be able to remove all stress.  When the stress is less the chances of migraine also lessens very much.  Yoga can also be useful for migraine relief since it relaxes us naturally.

2. Eucalyptus Oil
Many oils are very highly effective in migraine and headaches.  For example Eucalyptus oil.  You can put on the oil on your forehead and also breathe in few drops.  Eucalyptus oil is the base for many pain relieving balms.  You can improve the effectiveness of the eucalyptus oil by including clove oil.  Almond oil is also good for migraine relief.  You can take few drops and pull from both the nostrils.

3. Lifestyle Changes
Maintaining simple lifestyle can help you to take out many problems.  Simple tip would be to have light food which is very easily digestible and does not increases acidity, avoid stress, avoid too much of TV.  Spend time for enjoying with your family and kids.  Sometimes simple joys of life has so much therapeutic effect that even doctors cannot match them.

4. Keeping the Sinuses Clear
Blocked Sinus or infections in the sinuses can also causes headaches which can then later on get converted to migraine.  There are many home remedies for sinus infection which you can try at home or you can take professional help also.

5. Naturopathy Treatment
Naturopathy treatment for migraine consists of  water & mud therapy.  In water therapy you to drink   1.5 ltrs of water in the early morning.  Carrying this out will remove toxins from your whole body and help you to acquire energy for the rest of the day.  It also removes any undigested matters in the intestines and the colon.

In mud therapy, you are required to stick mud pack on the brow for round one hour.  You can also apply the mud pack on the belly.  This will improve the digestive system.  A lot of of the headaches emerge from digestive illnesses like hyper acidity and ineffective digestion.  Pasting the clay on the abdomen decreases the body heat and enhances the digestive system.

You can choose from the above remedies depending on your convenience or what suits you the best.

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