Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

Wedding Fashion For Women

dresses for womenDresses to wear to a wedding for women come in a wider variety of colors, designs, cloth materials and sizes to choose from than for men. Additioanlly, there are a number of attractive body features that a woman can accentuate than the men, hence leading to more choices to select from when it comes to wedding dresses. For example, a woman may be endowed with voluptuous figure and be tall in height at the same time. Depending on the size and style of dressing she will select, either of these features will be more noticeable. In that case, we will consider dresses for a woman to wear to a wedding, based on the features of a woman. Thereafter, we will list an array of types of dresses to be worn to a wedding for the choice of the ladies.

  1. Plus size women

Plus sized women would lean more toward accentuating their full figure or height. A dress with a plain color would do for a wedding, provided the weather is fair. Dresses to keep away from would be those that highlight your curves. Once again, you want to compliment the bride not steal her show, while at the same time looking beautiful and smart. Plus size cocktail dresses work great.

  1. Petite figured women

Petite figured women would do well to dress in a somewhat flashy dressing that highlights their petite figure. This size has fewer options of body features to highlight without going overboard and stealing the limelight from the bride. Hence it would be wise to select dresses that reflect smartness and elegance only

  1. Vertically endowed women

Tall and average figured women have more choice when it comes to dresses to wear to a wedding because they have more body features that they can highlight without drawing too much attention. You could dress in clothes that show off your waistline, your height, and their shoulders. Keep away from clothes that go above the knees or all the way to the ankles.


With these ideas in mind, you can now head to the clothes store and use your intuition to select the best in choice of cloth material for the dressing, dress code, and dress combination. Hopefully, you will add joy to the occasion by wearing dressing that is attractive smart and respectful of the bride and grooms invitation.

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