Do You Know What’s In Your Margarita?

Making The Perfect Margarita

margaritaAlmost everyone loves a good old margarita, but do you really know what’s in your favorite cocktail? Different stories both in and out of Mexico point toward the origins of this highly-popular cocktail, but no matter where or when the margarita first started, its popularity is undeniable. Blended, frozen, shaken, or served on the rocks, this concoction is definitely flexible as it is refreshing.

In order to make a margarita you will have to blend tequila with triple sec and lime or lemon juice. Triple sec is a liqueur with an orange flavor, made from the peels of bitter Caribbean oranges. The standard formulation of a margarita recipe is 50 percent tequila, 29 percent Triple Sec, and 21 percent lemon or lime juice. For the lemon juice or lime, Persian lime is often used although Mexican limes are considered to bring out the best, albeit slightly bitter, taste in a margarita.

Flavored margaritas are also popular; such as the blue margarita which is made using the blue curacao. The French Cointreau may also be used instead of the usual Triple Sec. For a softer taste, Meyer lemons are used rather than the usual Persian limes or Mexican limes. The practice of blending fresh fruits into a margarita has also become popular, making the concoction taste even sweeter.

Margaritas are traditionally served in margarita glasses or cocktail glasses where the rim of the glass is rubbed with lime and dipped in salt. Shaved ice may be added or flavored liqueurs and pureed fruits. A wedge of lime normally completes the entire set-up.

You can find different recipes for a margarita from different sources; and if you’re feeling adventurous you can tweak them according to your personal taste. In the same way that you can create your own pina colada recipe, blending your own margarita is always an easy and enjoyable task in your kitchen.

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