Are You Looking Some Good Woodworking Plans?
Are You Looking Some Good Woodworking Plans?
If you’re looking for woodworking plans and projects you’ve found the information you’re looking for! There are many choices when it comes to looking for woodworking plans and patterns online, however there are so many poor quality products out there that it can be difficult to know what to choose.
We’re gonna make things slightly easier for you because as far as choosing the best woodworking plans goes, there are only two real contenders, Teds Woodworking Projects and Woodworking 4Home. These are the two best sets of plans out there so you can forget about the rest because they really don’t compare to these two products.

I’ve purchased both Teds Woodworking Plans and Woodworking For Home and they both contain more than enough woodworking plans and easy woodworking projects to last you a life time. Many of the plans are quite advanced but there are still plenty of easy woodworking projects for kids and beginners alike.
Which Woodworking Plans Are The Best?
Arbor Plans, Barn Plans, Bat House Plans, Bed Plans, Bee Hive Plans, Bird Feeder Plans, Book Case Plans, Carport Plans, Chicken House Plans, Coffee Table Plans, Cold Frame Plans, Dog House Plans, Greenhouse Plans, Rabbit House Plans, Shed Plans, Table Plans, Wind Generator Plans, Windmill Plans…

and the list goes on…

There are plans for woodworking projects to suit every level and every ability, from easy woodworking projects for beginners like basic dog house plans to extremely complicated wind generator plans!

Both Packages contain more woodworking plans than you could use in a lifetime!
Both of these sets of woodworking plans are top notch. But you only need one set of plans, so which one is the best of the best? Well, when it comes to the quality and detail of the actual plans, Teds Woodworking Projects are slightly better. Not only that, you get over 2000 more plans. WoodWorking 4Home has 14,000 different woodworking patterns where as Ted’s has 16,000!

Imagine if this was an actual book!! Many of the plans take up more than one page, but supposing that it was one plan per page, that would be a 16,000 page book!! When you think of it like that, the value for money is incredible.

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Some of the Woodworking Plans Included in Both Products:
Ted’s Woodworking Projects offers the best value for money. It gives you an extra 2000 woodworking plans and projects however that’s not the real reason why it’s better value. Ted’s Woodworking Projects includes free bonuses worth more than the plans themselves!

When you buy Ted’s Woodworking Projects you also get 150 premium woodworking videos. These videos are expertly made and contain some great tips and advice that even taught me a thing or two!

You also get two other woodworking books, “How to Start a Woodworking Business” and “Complete Woodworking Guides“

However, the best bonus of all is the CAD (computer aided design) software that you get for free!! I was actually going to buy some CAD software to design my own woodworking projects so this saved me a fortune.

I really couldn’t believe it when I got all this for free!
Which Offers Better Value For Money?
These extra bonuses make Ted’s Woodworking Projects the clear winner!!
Ted Easily Offers The Best Value Woodworking Plans and Projects on The Market
Teds Woodworking Projects is an information product which means you can instantly download it to your computer. From there, you can choose exactly what you you want to build and then print it out.

** Because you will need to print out any of the woodworking plans you wish to use you will need access to a printer.

You don’t need an expensive printer. Any standard home printer will be sufficient for printing out the plans.

I can’t say enough good things about this package.

The diversity and quantity of plans included in Teds Woodworking Plans is just astounding. It would take a whole team of carpenters a lifetime to make use of all of these woodworking plans.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans is a great package and is definitely the only woodworking package you will ever need! I mean, with that many plans for woodworking, you would never have time to use every plan anyway!

If you enjoy woodworking, get Ted’s Woodworking Plans! Period!

If you’re still unsure you can check out the Woodworking4Home website by clicking the link near the top of the page, however for value for money and overall quality, Ted’s Woodworking Projects is definitely the one you want!