Amazing - DIY Solar Secret Increases Output By Over 60%
If You're thinking about building your own solar panels you need to see what Zack Bennet from Orlando, Florida has come up with. This new twist on solar panels saves space and increases your power output by 0ver 60%.

This really is incredible when you realise how much electricity you can generate from such a small area. Where do you live? Is it sunny? Then this is a no brainer. If you make enough of these you can go off the grid, even if you don't have much space!

Zack is quick to point out that it's actually an MIT design from 2012. However that hasn't stopped him selling his revolutionary designs on the Internet.

He's made himself a small fortune selling these plans and in the process he's helped thousands of people like you slash their electricity bills.
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William Hale Journalist
Energy News

We spoke to Zack and here's what he had to say:

"I know this is my business now but I can honestly tell you, knowing I've helped so many folks save so much money is the best feeling in the world! I just want everyone to know about it. If you have decent weather where you live, you have no reason to pay energy bills ever again"

The best thing about this revolutionary '3D' design is that it produces over 65% more than regular solar panels. The other amazing benefit is the size. It only takes up a fraction of your space compared to regular solar panels.
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This really is going to shake up the solar industry. The price of the materials used to build this device comes to under $100. Compare that to the price of a regular home solar installation and you can begin to see why this has been kept under wraps for so long.

If this became common knowledge there would be a lot of solar companies going out of business. Not to mention the power companies. I'm sure they don't want regular people like you knowing you can produce your own electricity.

This really is a no-brainer. The only con is that you have to build it yourself. The plans are really easy to follow though. Zack is so confident that just about anyone can build their own solar device, he's offering a 60 day money back gauarantee!

So what are you waiting for?

Go check out this video and see for yourself.