You Can Easily Build Your Own Boat With The Right Wooden Boat Plans
If you’re interested in building your own wooden boat you’ve come to the right place. Only a few months ago I had very little experience in wooden boat building. Now I’m already on my third boat!

These plans make boat building  fun and easy no matter what level of experience you have.

Keep reading and you’ll see exactly why these are the best boat plans that money can buy!

These Wooden Boats Plans Rock!!
Before I bought My Boat Plans I had no experience in wooden boat building. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done plenty of DIY and woodworking but this was my first venture into the world of boat construction.

I was blown away by the amount of boat designs included in this package. It’s something like over 500 different plans! Whatever type of boat you want to build you will find a whole bunch of different designs. The quality of each boat plan is top notch.

Nothing is left to chance and every tiny detail is explained which is fantastic if you, like me, have no experience in building wooden boats.
So Exactly What Do You Get For Your Money?
As I mentioned before, My Boat Plans contains over 500 detailed boat plans. When you buy it from the My Boat Plans website you simply download it straight to your computer. Within a couple of minutes or less you’ll be glued to your screen looking through all the plans wondering which one to use as your first project.

You don’t need any special high speed connection and all the plans are delivered in PDF format which basically means you can look at them on any computer made within the last 15 years as well as on tablets like the iPad too!

Once I had downloaded the plans I was blown away with the incredible variety of wooden boat plans included in the package. There is literally something for everyone here ranging from a small canoe up to full size house boats and cabin cruisers!

The other thing which really impressed me were the videos. You get access to over 40 boat building videos! It’s over 10 hours of footage which is all narrated to explain exactly what’s happening.
Can Anyone Build a Wooden Boat With These Plans?
Pretty much, Yes! As you’ve read this far I assume you already have at least some DIY or woodworking experience, and that’s all you need.

Because My Boat Plans explains all the basics of boat construction, tools, materials, shop safety etc, all you don’t need much experience working with wood. Plus you’ve got all the videos for further guidance.

If you’ve just got your very first set of woodworking tools and you are thinking of building a wooden boat as your very first project then you can still use My Boat Plans, just make sure you start with one of the easier designs first.

One thing you will definitely need though is a printer. You will need to print out your chosen plans so if you haven’t got one make sure you know someone who has. The plans are in full color so a color printer would be preferable.

Each plan is exceptionally detailed and is produced at a very high resolution. That means that you can print the plans out as big as you want without loosing any detail. This is great because you can even zoom into a section of your chosen plan and just print that section out if you wish. If you have an iPad you could work from the plans like that although I prefer to have them on paper.
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