DIY Beehive Plans

Easily Build Your Own Beehive With These DIY Beehive Plans

DIY beehive

Can You Really Build Your Own Backyard Beehive And Have It Ready For Your Own Honeybee Colony In Less Than One Afternoon?

Bee keeping is becoming an ever popular hobby. Apart from the continuous supply of fresh honey, your garden will benefit from having bees around. Why? Pollination, as you probably already knew. Bees are highly active pollinators and with most plants require pollination for their survival, bees can be the gardeners best friend. But just how easy is it to start keeping your own bees?

First of all, let me tell you this is a review of Garden Hive Construction Guide. We’re not going to cover the topic of actually keeping bees, just making the beehive itself. If you want more information on bee keeping there are a couple of good books at the end of this review that come highly recommended.

The Garden Hive Construction Guide from is an eBook which means that you pay your money and you download it instantly to your computer, even if it’s 2.00am in the morning! That’s the great thing about eBooks, you don’t have to wait around for delivery!

There are some really expensive DIY beehive plans out there that cost almost as much as buying a brand new beehive, luckily Garden Hive Construction Guide is pretty good value for money at only $27. bee hive

Not only do you get the 56 page book, the price includes a 9 step video guide that takes you step by step through the whole process of building the beehive.

The book is highly detailed and has detailed pictures and diagrams of the exact building process plus all the materials that you will need. I was actually very surprised how cheap the building materials were!

Working from the book was incredibly easy. Everything is laid out in a very clear format which made it very easy to follow. Combined with the excellent step by step videos, the whole building process was very easy and straight forward.

Once you’ve got the materials, you’re probably looking at a days work. It took me the best part of an afternoon, but I do have quite a lot of DIY experience. Having said that, building your own beehive in really easy with the Garden Hive Construction Guide. There are a couple of things that in the guide that are essential for the survival of your bees and yet are left out of some of the more expensive guides!!??

Overall, building your own beehive is very easy and fun. It’s suitable for anyone with only minimal DIY experience. Actually keeping the bees on the other hand is a completely different matter! Once I had finished building my beehive, I donated it to one of my neighbors in exchange for free honey!!

The Garden Hive Construction Guide comes highly recommended.

DIY beehive

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