Different Ideas for Small Table Lamps

Small Table Lamps

Small Table LampLooking for small table lamps for your bedroom? Well here are some ideas about the different types of bedroom table lamps you can buy for your bedroom. It is important to understand the theme of your bedroom, like for a contemporary theme it is imperative to opt for modern table lamps. Likewise you can also go for country, oriental, urban, country etc. based on your room theme.

For artistic looking rooms it is better to have modern styled side lamps. It has a futuristic and funky look that makes your décor look more innovative and elegant. You can use these lights next to any abstract painting or any creative scene to enhance the flavour of your room. For ethnic Asian theme, opt for oriental lamps. Oriental lamps may look similar to small bedside table lamps but many offer a unique feel to the room. It goes well with any Asian roots, decorations or souvenirs and makes the decor looks crisp and perfect.

Urban lamps has a historic tale where it took its birth in Suburbia towns and then paved its way to USA and other nations. Have you seen graffiti? Yes, most of the urban lamps possess graffiti which makes them unique and highly cultural. Many incorporates natural designs like animals, forest etc. The country theme originated from the country music and so does the country styles lamps. Country lamps are mainly designed with popular farm animals, cultivations etc. These are very colourful and offer a natural feel to your home. Western is the most favourite style of lamp one usually opts for. Starting from the Texas cowboy design to Good-Bad-&-Ugly, you can find them all. It goes well with Indian style décor – a woodsy type of theme or any other western theme.

From this post, you can have a list of ideas on table lamps. I am sure that this will help you find the right set of lamps for your existing theme.

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