Difference Between a Juicer Machine and a Blender

What’s the Difference Between a Juicer Machine and a Blender?

blenderIf you take a look at the juicer machine and the blender, you can understand the vast differences in the functions of each machine, but they can be confusing in terms of their use. Many people mix up their usage such as using the blender to juice their fruits and vegetables. This could be a wrong move as the blender does not produce the desire results of juicing.

What do I mean by desired results? When you use a blender, you will notice that the juice is much more thicker and it has small bits of ingredients. This is due to how the blender works. The blender only cuts the ingredients into tiny small pieces, irregardless of separating the different parts of the fruit from the juice. What you get in the juice is full of the seeds, skin and flesh, and all these parts of the fruits will cause your juice to contain fiber. Fiber present in the juice acts as a barrier which stops our body from absorbing the nutrients and vitamins. And in order to reach the vitamins and nutrients, our body needs to digest the fibers first, making it less effective for the absorption of the nutrients and vitamins.

You can reverse the entire situation when you use a juicer machine. A juicer machine extracts the juice from the vegetables and fruits, separating the seeds, skin and flesh from the juice. This results in the extraction of pure juice and it does not contain any traces of fiber. In this way, our body can be 100% effective when absorbing the nutrients and vitamins.For example, when you use an orange juicer machine, it will separate the juice from the skin, seeds and flesh, giving you pure extracted orange juice which does not contain any fiber and allowing our body can absorb the most amount of vitamin c from the juice. Hence, you must use a juicer machine when juicing your fruits and vegetables to get the best results.

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