Dentures VS Implants: The Full Story

The Difference Between Dentures and Implants

denturesIf you just lost a tooth, two methods are available for replacement: dentures and dental implants.  Both achieve the same objective; they give you false teeth.  Of course, how they do it is a different story.  With that being said, you should read the section below; as it will discuss all of the issues you need to think about when getting dentures vs implants.

There are many people who wear dentures.  However, in comparison to implants, they do not offer the most natural look and feel.  In fact, sometimes they do not even fit correctly.  When this happens, you may deal with sores and irritation in the mouth.

To minimize such problems, you could use upper trays and consider another arrangement for your lower teeth, (if they are missing).  You can also get partial dentures, as they are not as destructive on your gums.  In any case, if you are able to work with dentures, you will save more money as they are significantly cheaper than implants.

With teeth implants, there is a completely different approach.   Although they are still false teeth, they are placed individually within the tooth socket.   Surgery is required for this procedure, but when it is complete, you mouth will look like brand new.  Best of all, dental implants work just like natural teeth, though you will still need good oral hygiene to ensure they stay in place.

So, when it comes to dentures vs implants, there are no winners or losers.  Dentures work well for people who have low budgets and minimal dental problems.  For those with more serious concerns, teeth implants will make things easier.   You will not have to go through the everyday rigor of putting in and taking out your neither dentures, nor will you have to feel self-conscious about your teeth.  When you smile, no one will know that you even have false teeth

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