Cupcake Wedding Cakes – Things to Consider

Are You Thinking About Having a Cupcake Wedding Cake?

cupcake wedding cakeCupcake wedding cakes are an incredibly popular choice at the moment – cupcakes are seeing something of a revival and there’s no doubting that they’re a cute, not to mention delicious, option. But are they the right choice for every wedding? Here are a few points to consider before you set your heart on them.


Limited decoration
More and more couples are choosing to go to town with their wedding cakes, and there are plenty of specialist bakeries that can whip up jaw dropping cakes in every size, shape and colour you care to imagine. Of course you can create all kinds of beautiful and eye catching displays of cupcake wedding cakes, but if you want something really dramatic, remember that there’s more flexibility when you’re working with traditional, large scale wedding cakes.


The all important first cut
That first cut of the cake together as husband and wife should be a special moment, so give some thought to whether you could make it work if you’ve opted for cupcakes – after all, the pair of you slicing into one of those itty bitty cakes isn’t going to have quite as much impact. Alright, to be fair it isn’t the end of the world and there are ways around it, you just have to be a little resourceful. Some couple choose to have an extra cake tier or giant cupcake to cut into so that they don’t have to forgo that memorable part of the big day.


Trickier for large scale weddings
With a big traditional cake, it’s easy to get clever with the slicing to make it go further if it’s disappearing a bit too rapidly. You can’t really start breaking up cupcakes though, so for a really big wedding you could end up needing hundreds of cupcakes to make sure that all of your eager guests get a bite. This can really add up, not to mention the extra cost of the gigantic wedding cake stands needed to display your mounds of cupcakes!


A potential pricey option
Speaking of cost, it’s often assumed that a batch of cupcakes can work out as an inexpensive alternative to the traditional tiered wedding cake. In actual fact, once you’ve factored in the cost of the cases, stands and time needed for each individual cupcake’s decoration, you might find yourself paying a lot more than you bargained for if you head to a specialist baker. If you’re keeping an eye on your budget, make sure you compare the cost per slice of a regular cake to the cost per cupcake to get an accurate idea of the true cost effective option for your wedding.


Cupcake wedding cakes can look fantastic and are sure to go down a storm, just make sure you bear these points in mind to help you choose the perfect wedding cake for you special day.

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