Control Your Ramshorn Snail Population

Does Your Garden Have a Snail Problem?

snailRamshorn snails are small snails usually getting up to about the size of a dime. They have flat spiral shell that is reminiscent of a rams horn (hence the name). While many fish keepers keep them because they provide benefits to the fish tank there are others who get frustrated with them because they lay eggs that are difficult to get off and you can find yourself with an explosion of snails if you aren’t careful. However, being careful with your feeding is the best way to control the snail population.

It is important that you are careful with how much food you feed if you want to control your ramshorn snail population. They are bottom feeders. Their diet is primarily made up of left over food. Like many creatures they breed when food is in abundance to make sure that their offspring have plenty to eat without competing with the parents. If they are only getting a little food after the fish are done then they will eat less and breed less.

One way to cut back on your feeding is to feed your fish more than once a day. By doing this you are giving the fish a better chance of eating all the food and leaving less behind for the snails. If you also make sure that you aren’t feeding right before you turn off the lights you will be helping to cut back on your snail population as well because everyone will be able to eat more and most fish will even pick at the bottom for food.

If you have other bottom feeders this can be a little harder since many of these eat after dark and you want to make sure that they too are getting plenty of food. However, if you watch how much your fish eat and work to give them only what they will eat while you are feeding and then add one sinking pellet per bottom feeder you will be able to cut back on the number of snails over time.

Controlling ramshorn snail feedings is the best thing that you can do to control the population. You can have a good idea how much they are breeding by looking for the hard egg sacks laid on the glass, the plants, and the decorations. Keep an eye on your feedings and you should reduce the number of eggs you see (and don’t see)!

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