Classic Halloween Fairy Costume

How About a Halloween Fairy Costume?

halloween fairy costumeHalloween costumes are popular with everyone at all ages. From elementary schoolers to parents, everybody enjoys participating in the fun that is Halloween. Statistics have shown that the most popular Halloween costumes for younger girls (around elementary school age), is the traditional fairy costume. These fairy costumes range from Disney characters, like Tinkerbell, to the green fairy costume available at nearly every party store.

The most popular tend to be the Disney fairies, which have costumes in every size, shape, and color available. Fairy costumes are fairly easy to find and make. Most just consist of a sparkly, tulle dress, a pair of wings, and a magic wand. These costumes range from $10 for basic models, up to $50 for the more intricate costumes worn for costume parties.

Little girls of all ages love the fairy costume for Halloween above all other costumes. Why? The green fairy costume is classic, and easy to return to. It’s wearable and adorable for all ages. Not only can younger girls wear this costume, but teenagers can wear fairy costumes as well. Not only does this costume look good, but it also makes children believe in mystical things, and allows them to use their imaginations more than they usually would when wearing another costume. Being a fairy, even if it is only for one night, gives your child a sense off fantasy, which is really what Halloween is all about, living a night through the eyes of a character that you find absolutely fascinating. Fairy costumes are the most classic, adorable, and enchanting (quite literally put) costumes of our age.

These costumes are timeless pieces that will always stay in style for Halloween. In fact, it is one of the only costumes that has stayed in style for many years, and will definitely stay in style for years to come. Little girls love this costume for the illusion of fantasy and imagination, and adults love it because its economic, and can be worn time and time again!

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