Christopher Blue Jeans

Do You Have a Pair of Christopher Blue Jeans?

christopher blue jeansOne of the most famous and top selling brand of jeans is Christopher Blue. Christopher Blue was established in 1996 in Washington by Mel Matsui and his wife Barbara and for over a decade they had worked as fashion designers and have great experience in the industry. In 1996 they realized that the time to start their own business had come, since then Christopher Blue has turned to a well known brand for women’s fashion in the USA.

The company doesn’t follow the traditional tactics for business, strong and aggressive advertisement. It provides good quality at a great price and that is what makes their products so wanted. After fifteen years in the business, the annual turnover of the company has reached $50 million which just shows how popular these jeans really are.

Christopher Blue Juku Jeans are the company’s most popular type of jean, made with Japanese stretch denim, they tightly fit to the body and show off all the wearers curves. Thus women with different weights and shapes can wear same style of jeans and look good, women with perfect figures will look really amazing wearing them. This model is good for women with a few kilograms above the normal because of their elasticity as they do not tighten around the hips or the thighs.

Christopher Blue Jeans in the Lloyd style are made with cotton and spandex, this model can be used as formal fashionable pants in a combination with high heeled shoes and looks really fabulous with boots. The model is suitable for teenagers and is produced in a range of colors. It is tight in the thigh area while the knees are looser.

Christopher Blues range of pants are totally different, they are baggy but very irregular and chic. Comfort was the target with this line as they are made for daily activities and casual wear. They are made in a variety of different textures such as cotton, gabardine, denim and many others.

The great number of styles and models always surprise the fans of the brand, women of all ages and shapes love Christopher blue jeans. Most people who are not familiar with this brand think that the clothes of high quality cost a lot of money, this is not necessarily true however. You can find low priced Christopher blue jeans with just a few minutes of searching on the Internet if you choose to buy things like this online, this is especially true before Xmas as bargains are more likely to be found at this time.

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