Choosing Swimming Trunks for Men

Buying Swimming Trunks

swimming trunksYou might think that choosing a pair of swimming trunks is simple, but there is a surprisingly wide variety to choose from. Apart from the obvious questions of color and style, you will have to consider material, versatility and exactly how active you intend to be while wearing them.

Perhaps your biggest consideration is just how much you want to reveal and how much you want to cover up. Some trunks leave little to the imagination; if you are confident or are competing in bodybuilding championships, this may be a suitable option. Some trunks cover up more and may be a better option for those who don’t have the best physique or are somewhat self conscious.

Some swimming trunks are baggy and loose and are more like shorts than actual trunks. This type of costume is perhaps more suitable for lounging around the pool or playing on the beach than serious swimming. Baggy trunks also tend to become heavy in the water and can actually slow you down considerably. If you swim competitively or take the sport seriously, tighter fitting trunks are streamlined and will allow more speed.

Your height can also make a difference to the color and style of swimming costume that you choose. Solid colors tend to give more of an impression of height; if you are lean and tall, patterned or brightly colored trunks generally look better. You can also give an impression of height by choosing trunks at least 20 inches in length.

For the most comfortable feel, try to wear swim trunks that are made from nylon or cotton. Swimming trunks that have a mesh lining tend to dry more quickly – possibly an important consideration. A drawstring around the waist is also essential – after all, you don’t want your trunks to come loose while swimming.

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