Why Chicken is So Popular

Everyone Likes Chicken!

People all over the world love to eat chicken.  It seems that this meat has a universal appeal for two very distinct and positive reasons:  It tastes great and it is very healthy.

Chicken contains little fat and zero carbohydrates.  For a meat this is just about in the health food category.  If you are dieting then chicken can certainly help you realize your weight loss goals.

Doctors will often recommend that people under their care eat chicken rather than red meat.  The reason for this is that it is simply better for you.  Chicken is a meat that has large quantities of B vitamins and nutrients that are essential.  People that are obese or suffering from diabetes are encouraged to eat chicken a few times a week because it will not do any harm to their health.

When people sit down for a chicken dinner they often enjoy a side dish to enhance the experience.  Often potato recipes are chosen because they go so well with chicken.  If your mood is more in tune with soup then a crock pot potato soup will do fine.

Chicken has become a very popular snack food.  Fast food restaurants sell millions of chicken nuggets every day.  And you can’ help but notice that chicken fingers and wings are not just popular items on the menus of restaurants but are also widely available in the grocery store.

When you get ready to enjoy a chicken dinner at home the first thing you have to consider is how to cook the bird.  Many people like to BBQ chicken while others like to bake it.  Then there is deep frying, pan frying, broiling, and grilling.  No matter how you cook chicken it always turns out tasting great.

To go along with the many cooking opportunities that chicken presents are the many recipes that are available.  There are so many recipes for chicken that you can eat one every day for a month and never repeat the same dish twice.

Chicken is healthy and it tastes great.  Next time you sit down to eat you should think about ordering chicken.

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