Cheap Holiday Insurance For Over 70

Over 70s Holiday Insurance – Know Your Options

holiday insurance for old peopleBefore, getting cheap holiday insurance for over 70 was difficult. Insurance companies think it is risky to insure the older traveler. Recently, insurance companies have changed their policy. They now also cater to the older market as people generally enjoy good health and there is a longer life expectancy. This coupled with cheap air travel boosts the travel frequency of the elderly.

Because of the age risk there are still some companies who refuse to cover those over 65 and more than half of the insurance companies do not cover those over 75 years old. There is however good news. There are insurance companies that do not think age matters and sells insurance, even for adventure sports, to those aged 70.

Here are some insurance companies that give insurance for those over 70:

Citybond Suretravel
This insurance company underwritten by AXA sells single trip insurance to travelers up to 120 years old! They also have a long stay policy for people up to 75 years old. Their annual multi-trip insurance can insure people up to 85 years old. They also have winter sports insurance up to 70 years old.

InsureandGo is one of the leading insurance companies that sells travel insurance at a competitive price. Their insurance policies also come with travel perks and discounts. However, their limit is only up to 75 years old. They have an option for either single or annual policies if you are 65 to 75 years old.

Portwood and Co
Portwood offers annual family holiday insurance, single trip, multi-trip, gap year insurance, winter sports skiing, business travel insurance and holiday car rental coverage. They also have medical insurance for those living away from home. Their insurance policy for travel can cover people aged up to 80 years old.

If you are over 70 and are looking for travel insurance, keep in mind that annual and multi-trip insurance is not advisable and is rarely available. It is best that you take out a single trip policy. Never keep your medical condition a secret to your insurer. To help you find a good insurance policy go to your insurance broker. Your broker will help you find a best buy for your age and health condition.

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