Changing Guitars Into Left Handed Guitars

Do You Need a Left Handed Guitar?

guitarIf you are left-handed, you may be wondering how feasible it is for you to learn to play guitar. Guess what? It is very easy for you to learn to play guitar even if you are left handed; in fact thousands of people have done so. Not only that, but you can become as good at guitar as any right handed player; just look at Paul McCartney as an example. There are also many other famous left handed guitars players. Basically, if it does not come easy to play guitar with your right hand you should not force yourself to do so.

The first step is to switch the order of your strings so that when you hold the guitar neck in your right hand, the thickest E string is on top. This means that you will need to take off all of the strings, and restring your guitar the opposite to how it is currently strung.

Two other pieces of the guitar will have to be reversed as well; the nut and the bridge. This is because both of those pieces are used to help hold the strings in place; they have small notches cut into them which the strings fit neatly into.

If that is too complicated for you to consider, you could always simply look online or visit your local music shop and buy a left-handed guitar. There are quite a few different models of left handed guitars available online for fairly reasonably prices; if you need a more professional guitar they too are available.

In order to begin playing you will also need to learn how to play left handed chords. There are many sites on the web that have free downloads and an explanation of how to do this. You will also find that there are quite a few books that have left-handed guitar chord illustrations in them.

After reading a Yamaha DTXplorer review you may feel it is easier to learn drums if you are left-handed, but that is not really the case. It is just as easy to learn how to play guitar.

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