Casino Etiquette Explained

casino etiquetteNo matter what game you’re playing or what venue you’re playing it in, there are some general rules to establish that will make the night go smoothly. We’ve compiled some general rules as well as game-specific ones so your next night at the casino will be a hassle-free one.


Know your limits

Don’t be the overly drunk guy. A drink or two will give the night the alcohol-infused spark it needs; don’t get carried away at the bar.


Be discreet

Money is changing hands from house to player, but this doesn’t mean you should be obvious about it. If you’re on a lucky streak, keep your self-congratulations subtle.


Be polite

The golden rule is golden everywhere – but especially in a casino. Be polite and respectful towards other players and towards the dealers and staff.


Try not to chat up the casino staff

As cute as the girl shuffling your cards may be, this is her job – and she won’t appreciate being treated like a piece of meat.


Roulette etiquette

Each player should have uniquely coloured chips for the game. Don’t mess with another player’s chips by choosing the same colour.

It’s tempting to keep placing bets up until the last second, but when the dealer says ‘no more bets’, she or he means it. Don’t challenge them or even try to push the envelope – place your bet when appropriate and keep your hands off the rest of the chips.


Poker etiquette

If you’re playing poker in a cyber casino with an IP rather than a street address, remember that you are still interacting with humans – even if you can’t see them.

Don’t overly stall the game. No one wants to wait for you to make a decision, either digitally or literally.

Don’t talk about the hand in progress – no one wants to hear your internal monologue and no one’s paying you for ongoing commentary.

Don’t ask to see someone else’s losing hand. It’s bad form, end of story. Also, remember not to over-celebrate your successes or wallow in your losses.

You can play online poker to get to grips with the rules with a gambling site – one of the most popular in the UK is Grosvenor.


Blackjack etiquette

Know which game you’re playing, whether it’s a London Deal game or a Nevada deal game. Both have different rules when it comes to handling cards, and it’s important to know that the London version is cards face up, no hands and Nevada version is cards face down, handling allowed. Either way, don’t touch your bet after it’s been made.

Being kind to the other players and respectful of the dealer are other musts when it comes to Blackjack. Here, congratulating other players is allowed and encouraging the dealer is encouraged.

Navigating the world of a casino can be difficult, but with these tips you’re sure to be the politest and savviest gambler playing.