Camping Checklist

Prepare Yourself for Adventure

Camping ChecklistWhen you want to go on a camping trip you should be prepared for what you are getting yourself into. Make sure that you have everything that you will need for being in the great outdoors. Your trip can be the most exciting trip that you ever have taken before in your life; so you will need to have everything that is needed for this trip.

You should make a checklist so that you will remember what you need to bring on your camping trip. The first thing you should have on that checklist is a map; this map will show you where you are and where you are going. Also you will need to have a radio or phone so that you will be able to communicate with someone if something was to go wrong. Many people take these kinds of trips every day and always forget to bring a map. When you get to your camp ground you should set up a tent; this tent will help you when you are ready for bed and it will keep you warm as the night comes around.

You should also have a flashlight; this is so you can see at night. It could be good for you to get a sleeping bag and camping air bed also so you will not need to lay on the hard ground; that will be very uncomfortable for you, but if you are not ready to lie down you will need to bring you a chair so you can look up at the stars at night. Also you will need to something that you can start a fire with; and to be able to put the fire out.

If you plan on going out to do some fishing you should bring you a fishing pole and a knife; you will also need to bring something that you can cook your fish on that you have caught. When you are out in the wild, there really is nowhere for you to drink water; that means that you should bring your own supply of bottled water for yourself to drink. This trip can be what you might need; just you and nature out there looking at the beautiful sites that you can see while you are out there. So with all this in mind; you should have a safe time out there in the fresh air with the trees and wild life.

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