Build a DIY Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse is Easy!

build a diy greenhouse

Building a greenhouse isn’t as difficult as you may think, that is, if you follow Bill Keene’s ‘Building a Greenhouse Plans’. once you see the plans it soon becomes apparent exactly how easy it is to build an attractive and affordable greenhouse that will suit just about any gardening needs you can think of.

In his eBook, Building a Greenhouse Plans, Bill has dome an excellent job of sharing his greenhouse building expertise with clear concise instructions and easy to follow illustrations. He states that making a greenhouse is actually quite difficult, which is why he worked on simplifying the whole process.

Building a Greenhouse Plans contains many different types of greenhouse and allows you to make one that will exactly suit your style, taste and requirements.

The overall building process is made easy. You can easily build your greenhouse by yourself. The only tools you will need are the basic ones which I’m sure you already have, ie a hammer, saw, drill etc.

I found the plans in the book very easy to follow, complete with cross-sectional diagrams which include the exact dimensions of everything.greenhouse plans

It also gives you a complete list of materials you will need. I actually took the list with me to my local DIY store and let them price up everything for me, which really helped in keeping the cost down. In fact I calculated I ended up saving around 50% fo the price of buying the same sized greenhouse. Well, to tell you the truth, my friend saved the money because I was building it for him!

Like all other guides on this website, it comes in a downloadable eBook format which can be downloaded instantly from anywhere.

All the step by step scale plans in are in full color and are very detailed. The book includes plans on how to build a good sized, sturdy and attractive Victorian style greenhouses, medium sized lean-to greenhouses, arch greenhouses made from PVC piping and many more.

Building a Greenhouse Plans is a comprehensive guide to building your own greenhouse. It really does make it fun and easy to build your own greenhouse, which is how DIY should be!

It’s a snip at $29 when you consider all the bonus books that are included in the package (4 extra books in total.

build a diy greenhouse

Recommended for anyone wanting to build their own greenhouse.

Go to the Building a Greenhouse Plans website for more details

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