Bioidentical Hormones Are Outside FDA Approval

Bioidentical Hormones – Things You Need to Know

bioidentical hormonesThere are many bioidentical hormone medications you can get to treat your menopause signs that are FDA approved. With this approval comes the standard warning about its usage, potential side effects, and drugs you should avoid combining with it, this is all part and parcel of an FDA approved product. However there is a completely different type of bioidentical hormone (BHRT) treatment that is still a bit controversial, it’s the kind that is blended at a compounding pharmacy and is made specifically for each woman hormonal needs.

Although this medication is entirely legal, it’s not without detractors. One big problem with this medication is a lack of standardization. Since each batch of medication is only made to treat one woman, each batch is different, this makes it impossible to test or conduct serious medical studies on, and it also means that this medicine is outside of FDA approval.

Does this mean you shouldn’t trust something that’s not FDA approved and mass produced? This is a difficult question to answer. You can rest assured that most compounding pharmacies will not shortchange the quality of your medication, and you can likely trust their expertise, but, there’s simply not enough known about it to make a determination. Because long term testing hasn’t been done on compounded bioidentical hormones its long term safety is largely unknown. People assume that just because bioidentical hormones are made from plant based materials this somehow makes it safer than traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but this has yet to be proven.

The FDA has recently begun cracking down on companies that have been making unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of BHRT vs. HRT, but this certainly hasn’t stopped women from flocking to BHRT to treat the signs of menopause. Unfortunately it’s not yet known if they may be putting themselves at substantial risk, after all HRT was used for years before its health hazards were finally realized and exposed. The reality is that all medical treatments usually carry some type of risk.

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