Best Man Duties

Are You Going to Be a Best Man?

bestmanAs the best man in your friend’s wedding, there is something that he saw in you that made him decide that you should be one of the frontline witnesses of his special day. Regardless of what that is, the best thing to do is to make good of that trust that the groom has given to you by performing the best man duties well.

In the strictest sense of the word, a wedding’s best man is someone who is the foremost assistant and witness to the groom, and hence is the most trusted male individual of the groom in his marital relationship. Being a best man is to be entrusted with the groom’s responsibilities, which can include assisting him in his necessities, encouraging him when he feels depressed, and running errands that are needed for the wedding in the groom’s behalf.

In the wedding ceremony, the best man commonly enters ahead of the groom alone. However, by the end of the ceremony the best man goes out of the church together with the maid of honor. A best man’s duty is to assist her out of the church. In other words, there are two people in a wedding that a best man has duties for: mainly the groom and the maid of honor, which is his counterpart on the bride’s behalf.

In the reception lies the biggest duty of a best man, which is to give the best man’s speech. The best man is the one who hosts the reception most of the time because he initiates the party with that speech. A best man speech should be carefully done with keen attention to details so as to entertain the audience and engage them in merry-making for the reception event. It’s useless to have company that is boring and each to his own, that is why a best man must break the ice for a fun wedding event to happen.

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