Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage

shiatsu massageIf you are tired of your day by day work or you work in a very stressful environment, you might feel that you don’t have enough energy to complete your tasks. You need to receive a relaxing massage and restore the energy in the whole body. You should book a shiatsu massage in a day spa.

Shiatsu massage has its roots in the Japanese bodywork tradition. This form of bodywork uses pressure techniques to stimulate the energy inside the patient’s body. Applying pressure on the meridians of the body it reduces tension, increases energy flow and restores “chi” or life energy. Because of our daily schedule and stress, the energy may be blocked in the meridians and shiatsu massage has the aim to restore the flow of the energy by using stretching and massaging techniques on various body parts.

Shiatsu massage is not done on a single part of the body where pain persists. The meridians are all over the body and a shiatsu therapist will work on the entire body from head to toe. The room should be warm and relaxed. The shiatsu therapist will apply slow gentle pressure moves along the meridians. The pressure is applied slowly and the patient is getting used to it and instead of feeling pain the patient feels pleasure and relation of the body.

During a shiatsu session the therapist uses only finger, thumbs and elbows to apply pressure. Traditional strokes of the muscle and joints are not applied as in other forms of massage. Buying a shiatsu massager may give an excellent relaxing massage. However, shiatsu is more than just a relaxing massage. Shiatsu massage therapists are trained to understand the chi and the energy flow in the meridians. A professional shiatsu therapist will start a shiatsu session diagnosing the stomach because there are accumulated the most energy points. This helps him understand where he should concentrate his work.

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