Bell Star Review – Is it The Motorcycle Helmet For You?

Thinking of Getting the Bell Star Helmet?

bell starThe Bell Star is undoubtedly one of the most famous motorcycle helmets of all time. It was re-launched in 2008 and now, 2 years on it has been updated with some new features and head shape as well as coming with the Snell 2010 safety standard approval.

Just two years later it first appeared, Bell has redesigned the Bell Star in order to meet the Snell 2010 standard. They have also changed the internal fit to a more neutral shape, while at the same time improving on a few other features to make the Bell Star an even better helmet.

Bell certainly went to town on the graphics for the updated Star helmet. It makes it very difficult to choose a favorite color combination.

Whatever design you end up choosing, the Bell Star is a helmet you can be certainly be proud to own and wear. It really is becoming a status symbol and is worth paying that little bit extra for because it is a little bit on the expensive side.

On the plus side, the 5-year warranty you get with the Bell Star goes a long way toward justifying the added expense..

One more thing to note, Bell gives the best helmet bags ever with the Bell Star. It doesn’t come in some cheap sack that will end up in the bottom of the helmet box or in the bin; it’s an amazing piece of soft luggage in itself that they could easily charge $49.95 for and no one would bat an eyelid!

The Bell Star 2010 has to get a 10/10 rating for both quality and design. If you are thinking about buying a new helmet make sure it’s the Bell Star. You won’t be disappointed!

We’ve also found that have some of the best prices around for the Bell Star. Definitely worth checking out.

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