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bell motorcycle helmet

After a long absence Bell motorcycle helmets are back at the top of the market once again. Several years ago though, nearly every motorcycle owner in the world used to wear a Bell motorcycle helmet. So what happened? Why did they disappear for a time and why have they only just recently begun to appear again?

The reason is that Bell was taken over by Bieffe, an Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer and the Bell name along with the distinctive Bell logo disappeared and practically became disassociated with the American street motorcycle scene.

As you may have guessed from the amount of bikers that you see sporting a Bell motorcycle helmet, they are now available again and as popular as ever. This is because Bell has now been reacquired from the Italian company Bieffe and Bell motorcycle helmets are once again available in the USA.

A Bell motorcycle helmet design and testing facility has also been opened in Santa Cruz, California to develop and prototype new designs.

Right now you won’t find a better or more trusted name in motorcycles. Bell is once again America’s leading helmet manufacturer. Bell motor cycle helmets are among the most respected in the industry.

It’s easy to spot a Bell motorcycle helmet thanks to the unique Bell logo.

The great thing about Bell motorcycle helmets is that they are slightly more affordable than competitors such as Shoei. That doesn’t mean that Bell lacks either the style or protection though.

Bell motorcycle helmets are just as good but are usually cheaper because they don’t need to be imported since there are so many popular authorized Bell motorcycle helmet dealers right here in the United States.

Buying your Bell motorcycle helmet online is also another way to save a lot of money. Buying online is always cheaper and places such as have a lot of motorcycle helmet retailers selling there so you are guaranteed to get the best price.

eBay is another great option for Bell Motorcycle Helmets. Many of them aren’t secondhand, they’re brand new and often a lot cheaper than they are in the shops and other online stores.

bell motorcycle helmets

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