Asian-Inspired Cooking Made Easy

Do You Enjoy Asian Food?

noodlesIt’s no secret that Asian cuisine is one of the tastiest and most flavorful in the world. Different regions use different spices and flavorings to make their food unique and exciting. For example, Vietnamese cooking is full of fresh seafood that comes straight from their docks and ports. Indian food is full of the spices and herbs that grow in the countryside while Malaysian cuisine is an exciting combination of Chinese flavors mixed with Indian spices. But in order to truly master Asian cooking, a chef has to be familiar with how to prepare and cook rice. Here are some dishes from different Asian countries that use rice as their base. They are all relatively easy to make and all of them are very tasty.

Malaysian fried rice

This dish is very easy to make because the more a person experiments with different flavors, the better this dish ends up tasting. Malaysian food is full of tropical ingredients such as pineapples and fresh shrimp. Adding these two ingredients into a fried rice dish immediately gives it an exotic and unique flavor. In order to make this meal, it’s best to start out with a simple wok and some hot peanut oil. White rice should be placed into the wok along with various meats and vegetables. This dish truly becomes Malaysian once pineapple and shrimp are added to it. This meal takes only fifteen minutes to prepare and cook and it tastes delicious.

Indian curry and rice

India is famous for its rich and flavorful curries. Because the bases for these curries are pretty complicated, it’s a good idea to use jarred pastes from Indian markets. Making authentic curry from scratch might take the average home chef a few hours so it’s best to go with pre-made pastes. The important thing to remember is to include basmati rice with this dish. Indian curry can be quite spicy and intense and the basmati rice works to neutralize the harsh flavors. It’s also very tasty and easy to prepare.

Chinese porridge

This porridge is very popular in China and it goes well with pretty much any seafood or meat dish. All a person needs is a high quality rice cooker and some fresh white rice grains. The main difference between making this porridge and making regular steamed rice is the amount of water used. This porridge requires about double the amount of water that a normal batch of rice would need. The water is slow cooked into the rice so that it becomes almost jelly-like. The overall dish is like a thick and hearty soup that acts as a neutral base for most meals.

The secret to Asian cooking lies in its rice dishes. If a person can learn to make rice properly, they can start experimenting with Asian flavors and seasonings. This will amount to exciting and exotic meals that any family will love. In order to get started on your journey towards Asian cooking, you can find more information here on buying the best rice cooker.

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