Are You Going Green?

We Should All Be More Eco Friendly

green energyGoing green means making changes at both the personal and corporate levels.  Most corporations file government regulations, but there are several who make a devoted effort to environmental sustainability and go above and beyond. Continental Airlines and Honda lead the way in creating transportation options that emit substantially less hazardous carbon monoxide.  Honda, specifically, has a committed focus on substitute fuel technologies including the hydrogen fuel cell along with natural gas, which they are currently utilizing in some of their products.

Continental Airlines has also made this commitment by producing fuel-efficient aircraft and making a significant reduction at the Houston location’s nitrogen oxide output.  Continental Airlines even has their own devoted full time staff of environmental scientists that keep the company making strides in sustainability efforts including engine manufacturing, airpoirt terminals and the recycling of harmful chemicals.  When people choose to give their patronage to companies like this, they are making their own concentrated effort to go green.

Other eco-friendly companies put their target focus on products specific to the home. S.C. Johnson, for instance, has been focused on sustainability even before it became what one might call a “fad” in the corporate world a big, common news item. The corporation, in many ways, is a leader at the forefront of the green initiative, with their Greenlist Project. The function is to determine the environmental and human health consequences that choices at the corporate level make.

And, there are still more businesses making their mark, including computer companies Dell, Hewlett-Packard and IBM. These organizations lead the technology world in these efforts. Even more retailers have developed programs for the proper and useful recycling of electronic devices and accessories. Staples is one of them.  Green alternatives in society can be found everywhere, from buying from green companies, to investing in sustainable home design. All one has to do is look to make a thoughtful, personal choice to go green.

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