Are there Any Sensa Side Effects?

Are You Taking Sensa to Lose Weight?

sensa weight loss systemAfter reviewing Sensa weight loss system for side effects, I have to admit, this article should be side effects according to the medical pints only. But after reviewing several sites there are clearly two different Sensa side effects.

Lets start with side effect #1 YOUR WALLET.

While we all love to purchase online, we always can read or listen to the news or even talk shows saying anything FREE is NOT FREE. While you are getting a 30 day supply of Sensa free then why on earth are you having to give out any more than your name, address, and possibly telephone number.

As you order, you find you are giving the Sensa company either your debit or credit card. By the time you have received your Sensa in the mail, the company has already claimed their money which I have read is a pretty hefty sum.

So IF you are interested in this weight loss control remember this can be a SENSA SIDE EFFECT if you do not ask appropriate questions.

Sensa side effects #2 of course which is also #1 in any person’s mind as well is medical.

Again after reviewing several sites and finding that this wonder diet drug has not been approved by FDA, it is rather pricey for a 6 month supply, and studies have not come through yet on long term side effects.

You won’t be able to use your insurance for this medication, and if you stop using Sensa, there is no advice if you will regain your weight.

Reading reviews, consumers advised in numerous articles that Sensa side effects included gas, with bloated and belching feeling, and stomach aches.

This product contains Carmine which is a food dye found in various foods and products and if allergic to, can cause allergic reactions and for some people anaphylactic shock.

PLEASE if you are considering using this or ANY product that is not given directly through your pharmacy in regards to diet or any other reason, make sure before purchasing Sensa or any diet product to sit down with your family medical doctor so he can make sure that it is safe for you to take and does not interact with any other medications you are on.

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