Are Electric Cars Worth the Cost?

Have You Considered an Electric Car?

electric carElectric cars are a significant investment, often costing twice as much as their gas-using counterparts.  When you consider buying an electric car, there are a lot of factors you need to consider first.  The math can be annoying, so generalities sometimes work, especially with the cost of gas seeming almost random.  The following are some questions to ask yourself before you buy an electric car, because the cost goes beyond just money.


Are You Cool with Treating Your Car Like Your Phone?

A lot of people who drive gas powered cars treat them like hungry kids.  You can always stop at a convenient gas station and top up when your car starts to run low.  However, since electric cars don’t have this level of infrastructure devoted to them, you have to charge your car the night before, like you charge your cell phone.  If your car starts to run low on power, you have to stop.  Period.  Are you ready for the reality of having to sit around and read about eagle ford shale oil news on your phone while waiting for your car to recharge?


Do You Drive Short Distances or Long Ones?

Most electric car batteries are rated for a little over a hundred miles.  Unfortunately, this is a hundred miles followed by several hours of charging.  It isn’t too conducive to taking long road trips.  So if you just go to work and the grocery store, you’ll be fine.  But electric cars just aren’t yet ready for the long distances gas powered cars can handle without issue.


Are You Spontaneous, or More of a Planner?

If you love to plan your routes, an electric car can save you a small fortune on gas.  But then, if you already do that, your fuel efficiency was probably at the top level of what your gas powered car was capable of.  If you’re a free-wheeling type, however, you might find yourself having to race home, carry an extension cord or get a tow because you’ll run out of power a lot.


Do You Own Cars for a Long Time?

If you love to hang onto your cars until they fall apart, the added initial expense of an electric car probably won’t faze you much.  However, if you love a new car every couple of years, your lowered gas costs will never be enough to offset the costs of the cars you buy.

There are a lot of questions you need to think through thoroughly before you commit to the added upfront expense of an electric car.  For example, how long will you keep the car, how will you drive it, and how much will you plan your routes?

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