Anyone Can Find a Legitimate Work From Home Job

It’s The Information Age – Anyone Can Work From Home!

working from home momThere are countless ways for you to earn a living from working at home. The main problem however, is that most people use ideas from other people instead of creating their own. What do I mean by this? Simple really, most people do an online search and buy into existing ideas from people who are simply trying to sell you something. The old saying goes “A fool and his money are soon parted”. That is true by most measures because these “work from home business ideas” are full of scams. It’s much better to create and act upon your own ideas.

I have a friend who has a personal blog that I really enjoy reading. He’s very creative and on his blog he posts a lot of great photographs and videos he makes. I told him a couple of years ago that it was a shame that he doesn’t share more about his blog with the local community he lives in. I explained that he could create a legitimate work from home job if only he would change the direction of his blog or start a new one. My friend has some journalism training from college and he enjoys doing things like listening to his police scanner and heading out to calls he hears with his camera.

We came up with the idea that he should start a local community news site. This would give him a great opportunity to continue to post his photos and videos and also use his journalism training. I explained that once the site was established, it was possible for him to sell advertising to local business as well. A lot has happened in the last 2 years for him. He has a very popular website in his community and sells local advertising. From the photo’s he posts, he receives a lot of side work in photography.

He started Facebook pages and a twitter account for his website and currently has over 2000 Facebook fans. He told me that he gets a lot of photography jobs from his Facebook page alone. He still works full time for his regular job but he has turned his desire to earn a living from home into a reality. He expects that his part time income will match his full time income in about a year. At this point he may make a decision to quit his corporate job. My friend is making money from home and realized his dream with his own ideas instead of using ideas from others.

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