Alcohol Free Wipes Help Fight Infection

Using an Alcohol Wipe Will Keep Infection Away

clean handsWipes have many useful applications and more people are starting to practice good hygiene by using them on a regular basis. Wet wipes and toilet wipes are most commonly used. Hospitals and health care clinics frequently use alcohol free wipes to keep wounds clean. These wipes contain an anti-bacterial agent that will reduce the risk of infection. They are convenient to have around in the case of an emergency like an accident in the workplace or a sports injury.

Wipes that contain no alcohol can be used to clear away debris and blot up blood from minor cuts and abrasions. Using these wipes will decrease the likelihood that a wound will get infected. They are sold in multi packs that contain up to one hundred individually wrapped wipes. Many of these wipes are soaked in a solution that acts as an antiseptic and cleanser. It consists of 0.2% cetrimide and 0.02% chlorhexidrine gluconate. In addition to soothing the wounded area, this solution will effectively rid the skin of debris and blood and leave the skin ready to accept the dressing.

An alcohol wipe also serves numerous purposes. They are used in medical settings to prepare the skin to accept an injection or needle for a simple blood test. The alcohol kills germs that can cause disease and infection. There are large ones if a large area of the body needs to be worked on. Smaller ones may be used for injections or to swab smaller regions of the body. They come in especially handy when water and soap are not available. They are easy to carry around in a bag, purse or pocket. After use they can be discarded just like any other piece of trash. Alcohol and alcohol free wipes are affordable, effective and portable which makes them very much in demand in large hospital settings.

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