Alcohol Detoxification Made Easier With Medication

Getting Over Alcohol Abuse

alcohol detoxificationWhile there is no medication available yet that will completely erase an alcoholic’s craving for alcohol, there are some medicines that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be used during alcohol detoxification. These drugs do not actually flush out the toxins that alcohol dependency have caused to accumulate in the body. What they actually do is to help a person who is undergoing a body detox from alcohol by either making the process easier or making it difficult to go back to drinking again. Examples of these medicines prescribed by doctors for this situation are Antabuse and Naltrexone.

Also known as disulfiram, Antabuse makes the thought of going back to the bottle quite unpleasant since drinking an alcoholic drink while under medication with this drug results in one experiencing several side effects. These side effects basically mimic the usual hangover symptoms such as blurred vision, a throbbing headache, vertigo, sweating, confusion, and nausea, but at a more intense level. The thought of experiencing these side effects will act a deterrent. This medicine comes in pill form and is to be taken once daily. Studies have shown that the longer one is on this drug, the chances of backsliding will diminish in the long term.

Alcohol detoxification can be a very difficult process especially when one experiences withdrawal symptoms wherein alcohol cravings can be very intense. In order to reduce these cravings a drug called naltrexone, which disrupts the part of the brain where dopamine is located, is prescribed. Available under the brand names Depade and Revia, this medicine is usually in pill form and to be taken once a day for up to 12 weeks. There is also an injectible form of this medicine wherein the effects can last for 30 days. Naltrexone is mostly prescribed to those who have already been off alcohol for 10 days in order for them to maintain their abstinence.

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