A Wonderful Evening Playinging Bingo

Wonder what it’s like to bump into your first best friend after decades? Actually, nothing can be more delighting than running into one of closest friend ever. In this fast paced world you start getting so busy with your lives that you tend to take things for granted and sometimes even friendship and as time passes by you totally lose contact with them.

However, that doesn’t mean you have forgotten your friend because every day you’ll get reminded of that friend but for some reason or the other you won’t be able to meet her. Yes, I have been in a similar situation where I was not able to meet my childhood best friend for more than a decade, then suddenly one fine day we bumped into each other at the shopping mall. That was like the most blissful moment ever. The excitement we went through was never ending, we decided a place, chugged till the dusk and then she called me over to her place for the evening.

The evening we had at her place was crazy, we sat there swapping stories of our school days and laughed at all the stupid things we did. Then we decided to order food from our restaurant and she opted to prepare some sponge pudding, as she claims to be an expert in it. We sat there relaxing, chatting about our both good and bad experiences we had over the years and also hogging the delicious food we ordered. After food she severed the perfect ‘Sponge pudding’ and guess what it was delectable. Even though I am not very fond of cooking, I couldn’t keep from asking her how she made that dessert.

Then she instructed me a very simple, easy to make 15 minutes sponge pudding recipe with a texture like a sponge and a steamed pudding. She said we can essence it by adding raspberry jam or golden syrup to the bottom of a bowl and it taste’s the best when it is served hot with custard.

The fact that she learnt cooking so well came as a shock to me but then she told me that it works as a great pastime for her whenever she is free. Talking about free hours and relaxation reminded me about my favorite pastime. That moment, my friend started asking me what I usually prefer do during my free hours.

One of my most preferred pastime for years together is the game of bingo. Especially, I started playing as a loyal player once I was introduced to this site called GameVillage. Trust me this site is a full package of fun, as it is the most socially conscious site with the best collection of games. I told her about the various collection of unique games such as the Village Inn, Speed Bingo, Elimination Bingo, along with the bingo classics like 90-ball, 75–ball bingo etc. Then I also enlightened her about the several unique features which they have instilled, to keep the community aspect alive in their site. The captivating characteristics like an on-site forum which allows players to interact and share experiences among each other. Then I told her about the existence of an amazing in-house bingo radio with DJ Mark where players can tune into the most popular music dwelling at that time frame and also the fact that they can enjoy live show every Friday night from 8 pm to 12 am. This totally thrilled her to the highest level cause she is the craziest music lover I ever met. Even I also told her about the on-going attribute of conducting players meet twice a year at GameVillage. Finally, this was an eye opener for her regarding the bingo industry and she instantly decided to join GameVillage Bingo and share a journey with me.

This was one of the finest evening with my bestie , but we made sure of not losing contact with each other ever again.