Dictionary of Chandelier Lighting Terms

If You’re Interested in Chandeliers You Need to Know The Terminology!

chandeliersChandelier Lighting is the rage these days!  Most of us have heard of chandeliers, but how about all of the parts relating to a chandelier. Ah, this might be precisely where we have got a great deal to discover. In this unique write-up we are going to talk about some of the more obscure details about chandeliers…

Drip Pan is: A plate fitted just underneath the candle nozzle, intended to collect drips of wax. Recognized also as a bobeche.

Dutch is: Also referred to as Flemish, a layout of brass chandelier with a bulbous baluster and additionally arms bending down around a low hung ball.

Adam style is:  A neoclassical style, light, airy and elegant chandelier is: usually English.

Festoon is: A powerful layout of glass drops or perhaps beads covered and then hung across or down a nice glass chandelier, or sometimes a piece of rock solid glass fashioned into a swag. Otherwise known as a garland.

Baluster is: A moulded or turned wood stem forming the axis of a chandelier, with alternating bulbous and narrow parts of varying widths.

Canopy is: An inverted shallow dish at the very top of a chandelier from which festoons of beads are often suspended, lending a flourish to the top of the fitting.

Regency Style Chandelier is: A bigger chandelier with a multitude of drops. Above a hoop surge strings of beads that diminish in dimensions and connect towards the top to create a canopy. A bag, having concentric rings of pointed glass, creating a waterfall beneath it. The stem is generally completely concealed.

Corona is: A different term for crown-style chandelier.

Crown is: A circular chandelier reminiscent of a crown, almost always of gilded metal or perhaps brass, and often with upstanding decorative parts.

Hoop is: The circular metal support for arms, generally on a regency-styles or some other chandelier having glass pieces. Better known as a ring.

Montgolfiere chandelier is: Chandelier with the actual shape of “montgolfiere”, the very early french hot air balloon.

Moulded is: The method whereby a good solid glass piece is actually formed by being blown into a mould (instead of getting cut).

Neoclassical Style Chandelier is: A fabulous glass chandelier displaying plenty of fragile arms, spires and strings of beads.

Prism is: A straight, numerous-sided drop.

Tent is: A tent shaped assembly on the upper area of a glass chandelier where necklaces of drops attach at the top to the canopy and towards the bottom to a larger ring.

Venetian is: A glass from the island of Murano, Venice but regularly used to relay any chandelier in Venetian style.

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