A Buyer’s Guide to the Top 3 Refrigerators

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refrigeratorsAre you thinking about buying a new fridge freezer or refrigerator in the January Sales or over the Christmas period?  If you are then it’s important that you read as many refrigerator reviews as you possibly can in order to stand a better chance of making the right purchase for you and your home.  If you don’t have time to read through all the thousands of reviews that are online, then simply choose from one of the top three best-selling refrigerators of 2011, all of which are listed below with some brief information about each one.

1/ Amana Black 25 Cubic Feet Side-by-Side Refrigerator

This Amana refrigerator is very big, and comes in with a large 25 cubic feet capacity.  Plus it’s in a very stunning black color instead of the standard white or stainless steel so commonly found nowadays in kitchen appliances.  It is expensive though, and you will need to spend quite a lot of money, at over $1500 Dollars – however, should you buy this Amana refrigerator then you will get a large model with an variety of very advanced features.  These include including alarmed doors, cubed and crushed external ice and water dispenser, and even an automatic defrost function – plus loads more.

2/ Samsung Stainless Steel 28 Cubic Feet 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

Samsung do design some stunning and beautiful refrigerators for the home kitchen market, and this stainless steel French door version is the pinnacle of their design portfolio.  It has a beautiful exterior plus an interior that looks spaced aged due to the low light blue energy efficient LEDs plus the array of digital control panels on offer.  You can even set the humidity in each drawer to a different temperature if you want to keep different foods like fruit and vegetables at preferred settings.  The Samsung 28 does not come cheap though and you will be looking to pay at least $2000 US Dollars for this one.

3/ Frigidaire 22.6 Cubic Feet in Stainless Steel (FFHS2313LS)

Finally the Frigidaire side by side refrigerator, which always tend to rate highly in refrigerator reviews and on consumer ratings websites.  It’s easy to see why too, because it has a large capacity and a low price… but it does not compromise one bit on quality you will be pleased to hear.  The stainless steel finish is a high standard and this one can be bought on Amazon or the AJ Madison website for just a fraction over a thousand dollars this year.

Want to Read Refrigerator Reviews and Ratings?

If this short overview has whetted your appetite and you want to find out more about other models that are available then make sure you visit the excellent www.refrigeratorreviews4u.com which has many other brands and models including ratings for each refrigerator review. 

What are the Best Compact Refrigerators in 2011?

Perhaps you don’t want a large refrigerator, but instead a small mini-fridge, or vending fridge for your drinks cans or a small apartment?  If that’s the case then there are two models worth consideration – and these are the Koolatron Coca Cola retro vending fridge or anything from the Danby range of small appliances.

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