9ct White Gold CZ Engagement Rings That Look Real

Engagement Rings to Die For..

9ct White Gold Engagement RingFor UK residents, Beaver Brooks offers some of the best deals on cheap white gold cubic zirconia rings that can easily pass as genuine diamond pieces. I suggest the 9ct white gold solitaire with a square princess-style 5mm {almost 1 carat} CZ gemstone in a lustrously polished band for just £185 {the price includes shipping within Great Britain and Northern Ireland}. This classic design is a chic choice, ideally pared with a plain white gold wedding band.

Beaver Brooks has other elegant CZ engagement rings that look real for incredibly low prices. For example there’s another 9ct white gold CZ solitaire with a slightly different band for £195, and a wider designer with a 6mm square central gemstone, accented by six more CZs – three on each side of the polished white gold band – for £210.

It’s easy to compare the Beaver Brooks cheap white gold cubic zirconia rings with 9 carat white gold rings that have a quarter carat genuine diamonds in princess cut designs because they are listed side by side in their online catalogue. Notice that prices for the real diamond versions start at £595 and go up to over £1,200 for those in 18ct gold and over £1,600 for platinum ones. Also notice that while the CZ rings can scarcely be distinguished from the genuine diamond versions {because the design and craftsmanship is virtually identical}, the saving are substantial when choosing cubic zirconia.

I recommend the 9ct white gold styles that have smaller central gemstones, like the solitaires, because believable faux jewelry shouldn’t be too flashy. The larger the stone, and the more of them, the less realistic the ring will be. Choosing CZ engagement rings that look real means selecting a design that’s somewhat modest, one that may closely resemble a classic natural diamond ring, and not some outlandish piece with a 6 carat CZ, although it may be equally affordable, it won’t be believable. It doesn’t mean that if you go with cheap white gold cubic zirconia rings they have to be boring. In fact, discover just how creative your engagement / wedding rings can be by browsing all the Beaver Brooks pieces, like the 9ct white gold bands with two or three rows of small inset CZ gems {for £145 and £185 respectively}, the fancy bands that have a swirl of cubic zirconia and are priced around £195, or the gold rings with up to nine gemstones, in tasteful sizes and settings, for about £215.Chose white / yellow gold, or save even more by shopping the sterling silver CZ engagement ring collections that are very similar to the gold versions. For example the Beaver Brooks silver Ti-Sento solitaire ring cost £35, and the multi-stone versions range in price from £70 to just over £100.

CZ engagement rings CAN look real, but you must be careful what size gem you choose and ensure that the mountings are of equal quality to those of the rings with diamonds.

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