8 Points You Need To Consider When Choosing A String Trimmer

Choosing The Right String Trimmer For Your Garden

string trimmerOnce you’ve tried a string trimmer and seeing how neat and uniform your garden looks, you’re unlikely to ever return to using grass clippings. The best models make trimming your lawn and edging your driveway a breeze, improving your home’s overall appearance in a snap. But while using a string trimmer may be quick and easy, making a choice between the huge number of models at your disposal is not.  That’s where our checklist of 10 points below comes into play.

1. Gasoline trimmers.  These are the most powerful models and are the best choice if you have a large garden with troublesome spots and thick weeds to cut back.

2. Corded electric trimmers. These are significantly lighter than gasoline units, quieter and virtually maintenance free. However you are limited in range – the extension cord is normally around 100 feet in length.  They are also not as powerful as gasoline trimmers.

3. Cordless electric trimmers.  These are the quietest type of trimmer, perfect if you live in a built up area and are concerned about noise. You don’t have the range limitation that comes with corded electric trimmers, but you do have to worry about battery life. It’s a good idea to get a 2nd battery to extend your trimming time as most batteries will power the motor for a maximum of 45 minutes of operation.

4. Shaft.  Your basic choice is between the curved shaft, for better comfort balance and easier handling, and a straight shaft that makes it easier to reach under bushes and decks. It’s a good idea to choose a model that is adjustable so the people of different heights can comfortably use the trimmer.

5. Attachments. If you want your trimmer to double up as a leaf blower, brush cutter or a pole saw for example then purchase a model that has a removable head that can be replaced with extra attachments.

6. Line feed. Most trimmers use a tap and go head (also called a bump feed mechanism) that requires you to tap the trimmer head on the ground in order to advance a length of new cutting line. The alternative is an automatic head that feeds the string automatically.

8. String type – Some gardeners swear by smooth, round cut string as opposed to edged types.  The argument continues to rage.  Generally speaking the thicker the string and the longer it will last. The key is to choose the right size of string that fits with your trimmer head.

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